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A defamatory statement is one that tends to make right-thinking people think substantially the worse of the claimant. In addition, statements that would lead people to avoid the claimant or expose the claimant to ridicule may be defamatory even if they involve no moral blame.

Privacy – Misuse of Private Information

In order to prevent the publication of private information or images it is necessary for the claimant to establish a reasonable expectation of privacy

Malicious Falsehood

A malicious falsehood is a false statement published maliciously by the defendant which either causes or is likely to cause financial loss to the claimant.

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court covers various activities, which can be said to undermine the integrity of the legal process.

Copyright Law

There is no requirement that the work be particularly original or creative in the ordinary sense, provided that sufficient effort has been put into creating it.